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Founded in the Heart of Sonoma County

 Our Approach

We want to amplify and enhance the message you are trying to communicate. 
We are a resource and a tool for your project, not a hinderance to it.
We don’t seek to simply gain a notch in our belt by putting OUR work in your project.
We start with a personal consultation to find out exactly what it is you desire and from there we begin a hopefully fruitful partnership, transforming your vision into sound


We stay in reliable communication and allow for in-person/web conference sessions as necessary.  We are tired of feeling like companies that we are giving money to for services we value don’t care about us or don’t keep us informed of what’s going on.  We figure, instead of complaining that it doesn’t always seem to exist, let’s provide that instead!


We work tirelessly to bring you the sound that you want, not a sound that simply works and gets the job done, but something that you’ll sit back and say “WOW” to.  We want you to know before you even ask us about helping with your project that we care!  Let us help you!


We have discovered through a collective experience in varying corners of the music industry, – that ego is a sad and terrible thing.  We seek to mitigate the ego that seems to so easily plague the artist, the musician, the human.  We seek multple ears and viewpoints on our projets, that’s why we seek to be a team, a network of passionate creatives who want to share our craft.  Our goal is always the project, always your vision, never our own personal glory.  Let’s face it, we achieve more together!


We are experienced in a variety of musical mediums, stretching back to the days of magnetic tape, and to the cutting edge technology of today’s software on both ends of the Microsoft – Apple divide.  We have experience with vintage compressors/EQs/preamps/mics as well as modern computer systems, and the software plugins providing mixing/mastering capabilites.


Musical Compositions

Stock Library music just not cutting it for your project? Need music that responds to what you have filmed? Have a song you like, but can’t get the rights to it? Have lyrics but no ability to write music? Let us help create a musical solution that bridges the gap between what you truly want and what you may feel impossible. Equipped with our orchestrational, compositional, and theoretical knowledge, we can write and arrange the music necessary for your project


Audio Post Production / Sound Design 

Cleaning up audio, leveling, mixing and mastering are time-consuming and dedicated jobs each on their own. Let us handle that hard work for you – Equalizing, compressing, mixing and mastering utilizing the processing power of Universal Audio’s Satellite, plugins, and Izotope’s RX, Ozone and Neutron run on the cutting edge technology behind Apple’s Logic Pro X, Avid’s Pro Tools, Sibelius, and Image Line’s FL Studio. 

In addition to typical post-production, we also offer SFX and Foley services.
Source recording contains a lot of unwanted sound? Source was poorly recorded? Too much distortion, noise, or just not the right sound? Alongside our cleanup services we offer foley and sound design/replacement to enhance even the most difficult of audio takes. Need to add an edge to the sounds of your film? Need strange, interesting, or typical sound effects? With our ever-growing collection of sounds, we can help solve that problem


Are You Ready?! Let’s enhance the aural attributes of your project


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