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Post-Audio Production + Original Music

The Way to Hawassa

Follow Hanna, an Ethiopian immigrant who lost her eighteen-year-old son, Endrias, to a tragic car accident, as she travels back to her home country to visit an orphanage and begin a work in his name.

Once in in Hawassa, a small city in southern Ethiopia, her story intersects with Lantu's. Born with severe disabilities, doctors told the the orphanage directors they were wasting their time and money on her, but they did not listen, and despite her disabilities, she learned to speak five languages fluently, and touched countless people's hearts and lives. After she passed away, donations came pouring in, and within a year, a home for orphaned children with disabilities was opened in her name.

As the two stories come together, a message of redemption and healing unfolds. These young people's lives, which were cut so short, continue to have a lasting legacy through the lives of children who carry a loss of their own.

Post-Production Mixing/Mastering, Additional Orchestration/Recording

"I've Seen the Enemy"

I've Seen the Enemy is a single written by Vera Tabib, a Christian singer/songwriter who writes message-heavy Christian-themed songs.  This one is a blend between folk and rock music.  Carpenter Studios has provided mixing/mastering services for her music, as well as additional recording